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La Defense - Paris

La Defense - Paris

La Défense is the first business district in Paris but also in Europe. The district is at the westernmost extremity of Paris's Historical Axis, which starts at the Louvre, continues along the Champs-Élysées avenue and culminating at La Défense. West of the Arche, a decked bridge extends the axis towards St-Germain-en-Laye.
La Grande Arche was created by Danish architect, Johan-Otto von Spreckelson who won a competition, this hollowed-out cube, weighing 300,000 tons, 110m high and 70 meters wide. On the esplanade are works by Takis, fountains, luminous signals and statues by Mirò. Various ministries have their offices in the supporting pillars, the human rights commission and major corporations have their office there. The Arche also includes a large exhibition hall.


La Grande Arche - 1 parvis de la Défense

How to get there

To reach la Défense from hotel Louvre Marsollier take RER A at Auber to La Grande Arche in approx 20 minutes

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